Technology that Adapts with You

Quickpay Payroll values innovation and invests in technology to help support its clients. Our secure, cloud-based solution creates better business efficiencies.

An All-in-One Solution for Streamlining Business

Most businesses invest in technology to replace end-of-life hardware, refresh cycles, reinforce business growth, and support end-user needs.

Quickpay Payroll’s technology bridges the gaps in HR, payroll, and administration through an all-in-one platform that solves multiple problems. We have both a client and employee self-service portal.

The client self-service portal allows managers to quickly access employee contact information and records, organizational reporting structure, company property issued to each employee, and employee cost to the company. The portal also features a wide range of filter capabilities, including instant requested reports.

The employee portal offers employees access to important information, such as benefits, pay stubs, tax forms, paid time off tracking and requests. It also serves as a real-time communication tool between managers and individual employees or groups to relay important company information and events.

Additionally, our software saves time and energy in onboarding and payroll processing. Remote onboarding for new hires and a paperless process extends easy access from a secure platform for integral business operations.