Cut Time, Not Processing

While 25 percent of all workers have experienced a payroll error, about one-half will begin searching for a new job if the mistake occurs again. This low tolerance may be understandable by some, but most employers don’t realize that most workers (65%) live paycheck to paycheck. Accuracy of payroll processing and timely distribution of paychecks is critical to employee retention, yet many small businesses don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper.

Quickpay Payroll has extensive experience in payroll processing – so much so, we included it in our name! We value a business owner’s time, which is why our payroll services are designed to streamline the payroll process and give time back to focus on the things that matter most.

Payroll Processing Made Easy

There are numerous components to payroll processing, including certified payroll, payroll hours processing, reporting, and paying your employees.

With 57.3 million gig workers and over 5,294 government contractors in the United States, certified payroll is not only essential but required.. Our payroll specialists will guide you through Davis-Bacon Act regulations and help you maintain compliance. Once you process your payroll hours, we will provide the WH-347 form required for certified payroll report submittal.

To help support payroll processing, we have a secure website and portal so you may submit your employees’ hours anywhere through any device. Limited web access? Not a problem. Log your employees’ hours and call your processor for guaranteed assistance in submitting accurate pay. Our payroll software also provides customized reporting and ensures compliance with the Federal Labor Standards Act and all other wage and hour regulations. Gain access to hundreds of reports and data to audit your business better than ever before. Most reports are easily exportable to Microsoft Excel since many small businesses are still manually tracking finances.

Lastly, pay your employees on time with live checks through your bank account with an electronic signature. Or take advantage of a more secure method by using Quickpay Payroll’s account. Since almost all employees (93 percent) opt for direct deposit, you will have a quick and secure way to pay your employees electronically.

Using our account for live checks and direct deposits eliminates the risk of fraudulent checks, limiting your bank reconciliation to one banking transaction for each payroll.

Simplified Payroll Tax with Accurate and Timely Guarantee

As if payroll processing wasn’t complicated enough, taxes are an additional burden to most small businesses. Approximately 77 percent of small businesses cite income taxes as an extra burden and 70 percent believe payroll taxes create a moderate or significant burden. While a good portion of SMBs outsource payroll in 2020, the IRS reported nearly $6 billion in employer penalties. Quickpay Payroll alleviates your payroll burdens through a penalty-free guarantee to administer all your applicable payroll taxes while monitoring your rates. Eliminate untimely and inaccurate payments or tax filings with Quickpay Payroll. As your business expands into new states and jurisdictions, we will guide you to ensure you are compliant with all the applicable tax codes, regulations, and rates. Additionally, we provide garnishment assistance. Through our garnishment module to track, deduct, and pay the garnishment, we guarantee compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. At year-end, we include our W-2 and 1099 filing services at no additional cost. We guarantee W-2s and 1099s will be accurately printed and submitted to the relevant government agency within a timely manner.