More Business, Less Work

Small to medium-size businesses encounter unique challenges regardless of size, industry, or region. As the economic landscape continues to evolve, your professional demands may change requiring more time, money, and effort.

Quickpay Payroll strives to help companies solve specific problems preventing them from strengthening their workplace culture, growing their bottom lines, and above all, finding a work-life balance. We are focused on tailoring a service package that best suits your needs. You will receive access to integrated technology and streamlined payroll, HR, and administrative processes, including dedicated experts to support you.

Payroll Services

Payroll errors have resulted in 33% of employers losing billions of dollars each year.That’s not including the IRS penalties 40% of small businesses incur as a result of mismanaged payroll processes.Having a certified payroll processing servicer like Quickpay Payroll helps reduce the risk of losing money and includes easy access to online information and reporting capabilities.

Human Resource Services

recent study showed that businesses with fewer than 500 employees faced defense and settlement costs totaling $160,000 and an average of 318 days to resolve. Conversely, onboarding new employees cost an average of $4,129 per employee.

Quickpay Payroll supports businesses throughout the employee lifecycle. From applicant tracking, pre-employment screening, and onboarding to termination and unemployment, Quickpay Payroll has HR professionals to guide you through each stage. We even have an HR hotline to ensure you are confident with your policies and procedures.

Administrative Services

A challenge small and medium-sized businesses face is letting go of the business administration tasks preventing them from thriving, both in business and at home. Quickpay Payroll is here to answer your call. Let us lift the weight of administrative duties, so you can find that sweet balance between growing your business and tending to your personal needs.

Missed your child’s recent game or recital? Called your spouse to tell them you’ll be late for dinner? Not anymore.

Our team supports your administrative responsibilities allowing your business to thrive, not just survive. We strive to give you time back to focus on the tasks that nourish your bottom line. Whether it’s benefits administration, risk management and compliance, or workers’ compensation auditing and reporting, Quickpay Payroll is your reliable administrative partner.