Our payroll services allow you to focus on what matters most . . . growing your business. Whether you have one employee or thousands of employees, you will always gain more time to dedicate to your business by using our Payroll Services.

Payroll Hours Processing

Submit your employees’ hours anywhere through any device on our secure website. Limited web access? Not a problem. Log your employees’ hours and give your processor a call. We guarantee assistance submitting accurate pay, while assuring compliance with the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and all other wage and hour regulations.

Employee Portal

The Employee Portal offers a modern, easy-to-use interface that works across smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The Portal makes it easy for your employees to access the HR information, earnings statements and request time off.

Certified Payroll

Our payroll specialists will guide you through Davis Bacon Act regulations and help you maintain compliance with all your federal projects. Once you process your payroll hours, we will provide you the WH347 certified payroll report for your submittal.


Gain access to hundreds of reports and data to run and audit your business better than ever before. You have the option of using our powerful reporting system or you may choose to customize and save your own reports. Most reports are easily exportable to Microsoft Excel.

Employee Payments

Pay your employees with live checks through your bank account with an electronic signature, or take advantage of a more secure method by using Quickpay Payroll’s account. By using our account for live checks and direct deposits, you significantly eliminate the risk for fraudulent check and limit your bank reconciliation down to one banking transaction for each payroll.

Wage Garnishment Services

When you use our garnishment module to track, deduct and pay the garnishment, we guarantee compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations.

Payroll Tax Administration

We offer a penalty free guarantee to administer all your applicable payroll taxes while monitoring your rates. The filing of payroll taxes can be complex and costly if they are not paid or filed within a timely and accurate manner. In using our payroll services, we will ensure you are compliant with the most current tax laws.

As your business expands into new states and jurisdictions, we will guide you to ensure you are compliant with all the applicable tax codes, regulations, and rates.

Year-end W-2s and 1099s

At year end, we include our W-2 and 1099 filing services at no additional cost. We guarantee W-2s and 1099s will be accurately printed and submitted to the relevant government agency within a timely manner.


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