Background Checks are necessary. This service includes a national background check and a driving history report. Drug Screening needs to be reliable and private. This is why we have partnered with reputable labs that have locations across the country.

Onboarding and Benefit Enrollment

Are you tired of endlessly storing employee documents? Take advantage of our paperless solution by easily capturing employee demographic information, federal, state and local tax forms, and client-specific documents electronically. With a welcome-aboard message center, company handbook acknowledgment form accessibility, and electronic signature functionality, storing new hire paperwork
is now more efficient than ever.

Benefit enrollment provides new and current employees with a web based, easy to use way to sign up for benefits at either the start of employment or at open enrollment. This feature allows your company to better manage larger and more complex enrollments.

Customized Employee Manuals

An Employee Manual (or employee handbook) is a guide containing company policy that is given to employees by their employer. Manuals are necessary in communicating important job information, explaining applicable laws, and listing employee rights versus employer policies.

This manuals assist employees in understanding work schedules, leave, compensation, dress code, performance reviews, benefits, salary, holidays, paid time off, termination policies, and more. Allow our HR experts to assist you in drafting and implementing a comprehensive manual for your company.

Human Resource Consulting Services and Hotline

Our HR team is readily available to you in all matters relating to human resource inquiries. Quickpay will provide employers with guidance in handling issues ranging from employee disputes, harassment, benefits, paid leave, and more – all while ensuring compliance with employer common practice and applicable regulations.

Because of our extensive expertise, we understand that each business is unique, as are its human resource needs.

That’s why our human resource management solutions serve to develop HR initiatives that align with your organization’s overall mission and strategic goals.

I-9 review and permit authorizations and W-4 review and compliance

US Citizenship and Immigration Services requires that employers keep accurate and organized record of each employee’s authorization to work within the United States.

We can assist you in reviewing all employee I-9 forms to determine they have been accurately completed and properly stored. I-9 forms are subject to inspection at any point by US government officials.

Employee Training and HR Seminars

Our team of HR experts are ready to train your employees in the latest HR topics and policies. From seminars that professionally communicate company policies to new hires, to individual counseling sessions. Quickpay Payroll can handle all your HR needs, so you don’t have to.


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