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As Founder and CEO of Quickpay Payroll, Alex brings decades of experience in the payroll processing industry and has helped to define an evolving industry by folding in the services that matter most to his clients. From employee leasing, administrative services outsourcing, human resources, workers compensation, payroll processing, Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit and proven track record help clients of all sizes, because he understands the challenges small businesses face. Alex’s key area of focus is sales and marketing, as well as maintaining client relations and driving long-term value for clients. He and his team are driven by the company’s mission, vision and values and are never satisfied with delivering anything less than excellence.

Alex’s long-term success in the marketplace is due in part to his ability to become a seamless extension of his clients’ teams by engaging them as a strategic partner and providing the insights and thought leadership they need to optimize their business. He collaborates closely with clients to develop tailored, flexible solutions designed to suit specific needs and maximize results.

Above and beyond this, Alex understands the complexities of the uncharted territory of the Affordable Care Act and brings in-depth, as well as creative cost-effective solutions to help clients prepare, administer, monitor and evaluate any challenges associated with it.

Alex is fluent in both English and Spanish.


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